Event: EU-China think tank exchange in challenging times: prospects and innovation

‎ ‎Tuesday, 7th December 2021
‏ ‎ ‎Location: Online webinar

Webinar is presented as part of China Center for Globalization‘s flagship event Sixth Annual China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum 2021

In a fast-changing world, the traditional role and responsibilities of think tanks require fundamental rethinking. Today, think tanks are not only tools of public-policy analysis and engagement, but are also becoming increasingly influential in guiding and formulating public opinions, media trends, and the posture of international organizations. Specifically in the context of China and the European Union, as major trade and investment partners and leaders in global governance, significant opportunities exist in jointly shaping emerging global trends including climate change, public health, and sustainable development goals. Think tanks, as the breeding grounds of ideas and policies, have a profound role to play in guiding the future discourse on both sides.

As Beijing and Brussels face common challenges including anti-globalization trends and disruptive technologies, think tanks will also need to cultivate more creative mechanisms to further enhance their relevance and efficacy in guiding policy makers, promoting dialogue and joint research. As think tanks thrive amidst open exchanges and exposure, ensuring frequent collaborations and heightened connectivity between scholars and policy makers on both sides will be mutually re-enforcing. Thus, the role of think tanks in jointly identifying more innovative and responsive ways forward, providing timely policy recommendations and enhancing their relevance is going to play an instrumental role in shaping China-EU relations and beyond.

Panelists (in alphabetic order)

Mr CUI Hongjian
Director of Department of European Studies, China Institute of International Studies (CIIS)

Mr HUO Jianguo
CCG Senior Fellow; Vice Chairman of China Society for WTO Studies

Mr Paolo Magri
Executive Vice President, ISPI; Chair of T20 Italy

Mr Wei Shen
Associate Vice Pro Chancellor of Deakin University, Jean-Monnet Chair of Professor; Vice Chairman, Europe-Asia Center

Mrs Shada Islam
Brussels-based specialist on Europe, Asia and Africa

Mr Tim Summers
Senior Consulting Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Program, Chatham House

Mr SUN Yongfu
CCG Senior Fellow; former Director-General of MOFCOM Department of European Affairs


Mrs Zoon Ahmed
Research Fellow, Center for China and Globalization

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