Who we are and what we do :

The Europe – Asia Center is an independent, not-for-profit organization promoting Asia-Europe relations, connecting professionals, institutions, organizations and networks across disciplines. Throughout projects including conferences, workshops, publications, cultural events, educational and research programs, Europe – Asia Center is connecting people and knowledge across continents. The center is providing current and comprehensive research, analysis and information on Europe -Asia relations, raising mutual understanding and bridging gaps between social, cultural, business and political spheres in Europe and Asia-Pacific. 


欧亚中心致力于促进亚欧关系,将两大洲的各行业政府, 企业, 与专业人员、机构、组织和跨学科网络通过会议、研讨、音乐会、出版物、展览、教育和研究课题等项目连接起来。我们致力于有关欧亚关系的最新以及全面的研究、分析和信息,以增进相互了解,弥合欧洲和亚太地区社会、文化、商业和政治领域的差距。