Europe – Asia Center and H.E. Erik Solheim at COP28 in Dubai, UAE

The Europe-Asia Center is starting a programme of COP28 Dubai conference with several high-level dialogue events and discussions, led by the center’s vice-chair H.E. Erik Solheim.

Paris Peace Forum and high-level dialogue on “EU – China Relations in times of Geopolitical complexity”

Delegation of the Europe – Asia Center led by chairman Ambassador (ret.) Piet Steel and vice-chairs H.E. Dr. hc. Violeta Bulc and H.E. Erik Solheim attended the 6th Edition of the Paris Peace Forum.

Press release: Her Excellency Dr. hc. Violeta Bulc, former EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility and Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia joins the board of Europe-Asia Center

The Brussels based Europe-Asia Center is delighted to announce the appointment of H.E. dr. hc. Violeta Bulc, formet EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility as a vice-chair.