Press release: Amb. Piet Steel on a mission trip to Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

Between January 7th and 15th, the Chairman of Europe – Asia Center Amb. (ret.) Piet Steel visited in his capacity as the Vice President of the Belgian Polar Secretariat on Antarctica the Princess Elisabeth base, the scientific base of Belgium in the Antarctic region.

Press release: “The Light of Civilization” – A Comprehensive Collection of Ancient Chinese Paintings showcased in Brussels

“The Light of Civilization”, an exhibition on China’s Song Dynasty paintings in Brussels, organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Zhejiang University, and supported by Europe-Asia Centre, was officially inaugurated on 5th December 2022 in Brussels. In the majestic setting of Brussel’s prime venue De Warande, nearly 60 guests from the European political, business and art communities were taken on a cultural journey of the great Song Dynasties.

Press release: Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act – Opportunities and challenges for EU-China relations

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) marked a substantial legislative step of digital governance of the European Union. While DMA lacks consideration of the future state of Chinese digital technology firms in the EU, the DSA offers elements of policy overlap with Chinese measures in establishing accountability mechanism for digital platforms. Question arises on what opportunities and future challenges DMA and DSA can bring to the EU-China relations.