Belgian Passage to China at Villa Empain, Brussels

Brussels, 13th December 2021—The Europe-Asia Centre, as an affiliated partner, co-organised the launching ceremony of the Chinese version of A Belgian Passage to China, 1870-1930, a book containing unique and never before published images, letters, diaries and documents which present a historical record of Belgium-China interchange during the 60 years. The launching ceremony of theContinue reading “Belgian Passage to China at Villa Empain, Brussels”

Project: Jan-Ove Waldner – Liu Guoliang Cup

For more than 50 years, Table Tennis has played an essential part through what is famously known as Ping-Pong diplomacy. It all started when the sport knitted bonds between the US and China in 1970. To promote dialogue and opportunities for collaboration, two of the Table tennis and sport’s legends, Jan-Ove Waldner and Liu Guoliang,Continue reading “Project: Jan-Ove Waldner – Liu Guoliang Cup”

Webinar: EU’s Strategic Autonomy in the Era of Global Internet Governance

East meets West Expert Series An Expert Roundtable organised by the Europe-Asia Centre, Brussels August 2021 The last European Council raised “strategic autonomy”1 to the level of a central concept for a new phase of the European project. Building European strategic autonomy on a horizontal – cross-policy basis is expected to – strengthen EU multilateral action, reduce dependence on externalContinue reading “Webinar: EU’s Strategic Autonomy in the Era of Global Internet Governance”