Press release: Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act – Opportunities and challenges for EU-China relations

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) marked a substantial legislative step of digital governance of the European Union. While DMA lacks consideration of the future state of Chinese digital technology firms in the EU, the DSA offers elements of policy overlap with Chinese measures in establishing accountability mechanism for digital platforms. Question arises on what opportunities and future challenges DMA and DSA can bring to the EU-China relations.

Event: EU-China think tank exchange in challenging times: prospects and innovation

‎ ‎Tuesday, 7th December 2021 ‏ ‎ ‎Location: Online webinar Webinar is presented as part of China Center for Globalization‘s flagship event Sixth Annual China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum 2021 In a fast-changing world, the traditional role and responsibilities of think tanks require fundamental rethinking. Today, think tanks are not only tools of public-policyContinue reading “Event: EU-China think tank exchange in challenging times: prospects and innovation”